Since the stories appeared on Instagram, all other networks have been offering this function in the same way.

We know that today stories are a fundamental part of creating engagement with your community, and Linkedin has not been left behind.

If you are in the United States, you should know that since September 24 of this year it is already possible to create stories on Linkedin.

Something that will definitely change the relationship with your network of contacts

“The social media company foresees you being able to share what your home office looks like, give a product demo, or otherwise give a glimpse into your business.”

Linkedin "Stories" look a lot like the "Story" feature of Facebook. These posts will expire after 24 hours just like those on Instagram.

Stories have definitely become one of the easiest, fastest and most enjoyable ways to connect and display information, products and much more in real time.

Personally, I am very curious to see how the stories will be handled from a professional approach and how much they will be able to generate more links between the networks.

For those unsure of how to get started or looking for inspiration, LinkedIn will provide daily prompts, called "Question of the Day," that are intended to generate ideas to make it easier for users to create their stories.

On the other hand, we have to talk about the other implementation that the company is about to do, and that is to bring text messages to video. 

In view of the current great need for video meetings, since many people are working from home and will probably continue like this for much longer, Linkedin will allow you to start a face-to-face video call, using Microsoft Teams, Verizon BlueJeans or Zoom, directly from the messaging function within the platform.

This seems to me a wonderful tool for those who are in constant communication through the network and need to make a video call, it will no longer be necessary to open a program or another window and connect to the zoom or skype account but you can do it in the same place making everything faster and easier.

We believe that all the new implementations that Linkedin is doing will be very interesting, some already work but only the USA, we have to wait for the others to come out and that they can be used in other countries.

For now we are ready for when they come out to know them and take advantage of them!

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