Although many believe that all social networks serve the same purpose, it is not like that!

Does your company have a LinkedIn profile?

Today we want to tell you about the changes that LinkedIn brings, this network is constantly changing and evolving to always improve!

But first let's refresh the concept of what this network is a bit. Linkedin is a popular professional development and professional networking site. And like other social networks, it is owned by a large technology company: Microsoft.

But unlike most social media, this is a site designed to help people make business connections, share their experiences and resumes, and find work.

As a company, you can communicate in a more professional way, talk about the latest information you have, launch courses, post job offers, show new products or services, etc. LinkedIn allows companies to build credibility and create a meaningful network of contacts.

Currently more than 30 million companies use LinkedIn for their business. Not only because it is the main social network to recruit and hire the best talents. With more than 690 million members, more and more brands are using LinkedIn marketing to network, connect, and sell.

But let's talk about what's new on LinkedIn! Since its launch in 2003, this network has not stopped renewing itself and generating new tools.

LinkedIn says its new batch of features is designed to "foster human connection." They are divided into 4 categories.

  • Simpler Look And Fill
  • Stories
  • Messaging
  • Video Meetings

These four categories will absolutely change how Linkedin has been doing things.

The first change has been thought not only as a necessary improvement over time, since this great change in its aesthetics and design is done after 5 years! But it is also born of the need to create a warmer and more humane environment after the arrival of COVID and in view of the fact that so many people are working from home.

Another important change is the stories, although if you asked me, I would not have expected it, it seems like a great idea. stories have now become one of the most popular forms of "conversation" so to speak today, and as Linkedin Saysm “Conversations are the center of community” and their goal is to generate more connections between people nowadays.

With the renewal in the messaging part, Linkedin has recognized that the way it handled it previously was quite complicated and unfriendly, so they have changed to make it easier and more friendly.

Finally we come to the topic of video meetings, something that I personally think is wonderful in a network that is focused on professional profiles!

You'll be able to use Microsoft Teams, Verizon BlueJeans and Zoom directly from your messages.

Linkedin is definitely the network for job growth, whether you are a company or a worker. It is very powerful to create your personal brand, generate a good first impression and connect you with many people and companies in the professional area, either locally or internationally.

Remember that as a company it is very important to be in this area, and to have a profile that transmits and communicates who you are and what you do!

As well as creating professional relevant content that is always up to date.

And you, have you tried the new Linkedin?

Tell us what you think!

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