The impressions that people have about products and services are important!

And, It's also great to know what people are looking for!

When we know what shoppers are looking for, learn about historical trends, and understand shopper behavior in real time, we can truly make a brand stand out above the noise in the rush of holiday sales.

Through the two tools that google provides us in this second step, we will be able to know the seasonal peaks for our category, products or attributes either by size or color that buyers are looking for, and thus compare what part of that demand our brand is capturing in comparison with others and adjust promotional content and strategies according to those peaks and opportunities.

Google Trends:

Here we can enter in the search link anything that occurs to us, a product, a color, a service, a theme ... and statistically know that so many people are interacting with them. It will give us figures by cities, states, countries, etc.

By entering what we want to investigate we can see different things:

  • Interest over time: will show us numbers that reflect search interest relative to the maximum value of a chart in a given region and period.
  • Interest by region: we can see in which location a search term has been used more frequently during a specific period.
  • Related topics:
  • We can see that users searching for your term have also searched for other topics. You can view this data based on the following metrics:

    • Main: most popular topics related to the main topic.
    • Increasing: topics related to the greatest increase in search frequency since the last period.

This tool will help us specifically to understand figures, through which we can obtain valuable information to improve our content.

Shopping Insights:

With this tool we can delve deeper into what buyers are looking for.

Here we can search for themes, brands, products, categories, etc. which we can compare by periods and places. 

By analyzing two categories, or products, we will be able to see in percentages which one has been most searched for or bought by users in the period of time and place that we want to see. As well as which are the brands that resonate the most.

We can also see if people interact with these searches from a mobile phone or a computer. and we can even subscribe so that the data reaches us frequently and not have to search for it again and again.

In short, we can compare products over time, trends in each category, popular products and trends and make what interests us reach us so that we are never misinformed.

We believe that this step is very important since understanding data is a fundamental part for the growth of our brand or business!

Have you ever used these tools that google offers us? What result have you had?

Do you feel that they work for you or do you still not understand them at all?

Tell us about your experience!

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