Do you feel that your business has been successful or not?

Regardless of the decade in which you have started your business or to which it is dedicated, currently having eBusiness is an advantage that brings you closer to your customers and opens doors to the whole world.

However, it is necessary to differentiate what is eCommerce from eBusiness!

Are you clear about this? If not, we will explain it to you briefly and if you already know it, keep reading because below we will give you important tips so that you continue to be successful.

Many people have now adopted the term eCommerce to refer to everything that online sales imply, however it is important to mention that although this requires specific knowledge and strategies, it only refers to the transaction of goods and services between a buyer and a seller, while e-business refers to the entire process that must be carried out to manage an online business.

The concept of eBusiness is broader than that of eCommerce and, in fact, e-commerce is part of it as it is a type of business model. within eBusiness we find:

Inbound marketing.

Sales promotions.

Stock management.


Email marketing.


While technology and the internet give us wonderful tools that facilitate our work and the way we communicate it, at the same time we find ourselves swimming in an immense sea full of competitors! 

Some of the advantages of managing your eBusiness well and having the correct eCommerce channel are:

  • Hours: The eCommerce does not have hours, unlike physical stores which mostly have a defined schedule, with this you can work 24/7

  • More Clients: not even a company that has offices in many cities can achieve what eCommerce and good eBusiness management can do. The possibility of being able to sell and buy from and to anywhere in the world broadens the target audience and allows more clients to be obtained.

  • Better Profit Margin: the reduction of several costs and the increase in customers mean that, even lowering prices, a higher margin can be achieved than with a physical establishment. You sell more and you earn more.

  • Lower Costs: Without the necessity of a physical space you can reduce costs. And when eCommerce works, connecting suppliers with buyers, there are not even production costs.

  • Scalability: you can sell to one or a thousand people at the same time. While in a physical business there is always a limit on the number of clients you can serve at the same time, here you set the limit depending on the ability to serve clients.

Just as it has many advantages, it is not a panacea especially when you do not know how to use it correctly. There are some disadvantages that it is important to know so that when we do it we do it very well!

  • Time to get results: as soon as a physical business opens its doors for the first time, it is already exposed to the customers who pass in front of it. In an online business, getting visibility is more complicated than is usually thought. You can have a great product and a great platform, but if you don't work properly to gain visibility, very few will ever see it.

  • Competition: The entry costs to set up an e-commerce store is not as high as that of a physical business. That means more competition. You also have to know that cheap is expensive, and that although the cost is lower, you must hire a company or team that really knows what to do.

  • We can't see or touch what we are buying:  we all like to feel like we're making a good investment. One way to achieve this is by viewing and touching the product with our own hands. Since we cannot do this through e-commerce, it is very important that our platform has excellent images, videos and descriptions!

Remember that there are many important keys for your e Business and eCommerce to succeed. Rushing can be a problem, you have only one shot at launching your website, this is one common mistake, creating a “Coming Soon” page is a good idea, but you should have some essentials like SEO, content marketing, social media, paid advertising, and more before you launch it. 

Putting the focus on the user will always be a good idea, when you create your site think about how a user will see it or how a user will want to see it, design, aesthetics, ease of navigation, costs, etc. 

Try everything, absolutely everything one and several times before launching it, since here you will see what needs to be improved, changed, etc. 

Social Media is basic, in fact it can become the heartbeat of your business, it gives you an uninterrupted look into the lives of your clients. 

Go mobile, it is important that your platform is designed to be viewed correctly from a cell phone since most people in the world use these devices the same or even more than a computer.

Stay on top of SEO, don’t forget to collect information and continue evolving!

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