If you don't have everything ready for the holiday season, you are still on time!

Google brings us tips and aids so we can stand out this season.

According to google, last year, 58% of the purchases for the holidays were made online. This year, without a doubt, we know that this number will increase due to the global pandemic we are experiencing. 

“The first eight months of 2020 generated $ 497 billion in online sales, according to Adobe. Since March, Adobe attributes the pandemic to an additional $ 107 billion online spending. In August, 130 days in 2020 exceeded $ 2 billion in online sales, compared to 2019, when just two days exceeded $ 2 billion in online sales outside of the holiday season.”

With the global situation, consumer trends, and data like the above, we know that this year the highest percentage of sales for the holiday season will be made online, and this is why we have to be prepared so that our business or brand stands out more than ever.

Despite the fact that COVID-19 has created a physical distance from our loved ones, and that we must all ensure global health and safety, this is not an excuse to forget about the holidays or leave everything for last minute.

Now more than ever it is important that we continue to give human warmth, that we let those who matter to us know that despite the distance we are here.

As businesses and brands, this is a crucial time to give our customers everything we can, updating our websites, providing ease of use, and creating enriching user experiences when browsing our platforms.

Let's see what google brings us to help us be successful!

This tools kit helps us plan for the future with certainty with the best tools and knowledge of Google.

Now, we will go on to talk about these tools that will help us to hit the mark with greater certainty. 

“This four-step toolkit will help you create a more effective digital storefront, get the historical trends and real-time insights you need to develop a robust plan-of-action and expand your strategy to discover new audiences.”

Step 1 - Digital Storefront

It is a reality that before consumers spent a lot of time online, now they do it much more, and with this come the expectations that are more demanding every day. so creating the perfect experience for them should be our goal.

The numbers tell us that most of last year holiday purchases were made through smartphones.

The simple fact of improving the loading time by 0.1 seconds can make the difference between a user staying on your platform and making a purchase or looking for something else.

For this first step, Google offers us help to Grow our store and Test our site. 

The first will help us by comparing our storefront through 22 best customer experience practices in order to give us a personalized report with which we can improve. 

The second helps us by testing our site in its mobile version to know how it is working and how we can improve.

Step 2 - Insights

The second step will help us understand through the historical trends and the behavior of buyers in real time, in order to know what they are really looking for.

With the use of tools such as Google Trends and Shopping Insights, we can identify the peaks that occur each season by categories, products, colors, sizes, etc. to later be able to compare where our brand is meeting one of those demands and thus be able to adjust content and create better promotional strategies.

Step 3 - Strategy

To grow online and offline we first need to understand the new areas of demand for our business and then adjust our digital marketing strategies!

It doesn't matter if you are new or if you already know Google Ads, you will learn the best ways to get discovered online, how to acquire new customers and generate more sales during this holiday period.

This section brings you a PDF file where you will find the following 5 topics and how to develop them. 

  • Be discoverable.
  • Build your brand.
  • Acquire new customers.
  • Increase sales.
  • Marketing Checklist.

Also at the beginning of this file we will find a link that takes us to a 23 page guide on how to Navigate your retail business through COVID-19!

Step 4 - Expansion

As you refine your holiday strategies, you will expand your business.

By identifying the opportunities that exist still untapped with new audiences or in new markets, you will make your investment in marketing go further.

With the Find My Audience tool you will be able to discover more valuable customer segments on youTube, to then create a Christmas campaign.

Then you can use Market Finder to know in which national and international markets is the greatest interest for your offer. You can finally use Rising Retail Categories to start planning your next product offering.

These are the four steps that combine different tools through which Google helps us to be successful with our business or brand for these holidays.

Of course, all this will serve you after the holidays to continue succeeding!

During this week we will tell you more about each step and each specific tool.

And it is worth telling you that if you have doubts or need help with the implementation to get your business where you want and succeed not only in these festivities but in the future, our team is more than willing to help you!

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