Google cloud is the cloud service of this company, and like all clouds it is the virtual space that allows us to store, compare and exchange information. Surely you already know this!

There are different companies and brands that use different clouds, but we know for sure that Google Cloud has become one of the most important, with a gigantic number of companies that prefer this cloud above others. From small businesses and brands you probably don't know to brands like eBay, 20th Century FOX, Johnson & Johnson, and many more.

All these companies not only trust that their data is better stored than in their own companies but also choose it over other clouds.

We know that the economic expense not only to physically store the data of our company but also of programs and tools that need to be used can increase at a very high cost, however the cloud allows us to access the same, more easily and with a lower cost.

But let's talk about the services offered by Google Cloud Platform. Let's start by saying that it offers us more than 100 tools between products and services, each with different objectives. Some are for processing, some for storage, and more. We want to analyze in a general way which are the largest classifications of Google Cloud products.

Computing service, this refers to the space in which our processes will be running. 

For those who understand more about development, this is where the PHP, Java, Python, among others, will be stored and then served.

In this part of computing to give another example, it is the space where we can process a 3D film that needs a lot of processing which will help us in time and cost.

In this part we can find 3 main tools or services:

  • App Engine
  • Computer Engine
  • Container Engine

Storage service, this is the place where the different types of data are stored, whether processed by Google's computing or by some program that we have outside the cloud.

In this part we find many tools that allow us to generate different types of storage and provide us with different services.

Some of these are:

  • Bigtable: Basically it is a tool that facilitates the massive storage of data.
  • Cloud storage: We can see it as an infrastructure where we have the folders as on the desktop of our computer, being stored in the cloud they give us an impressive amount of advantages, from having the history of changes to deciding with whom we share it and who cannot access them. .
  • Cloud SQL : This is the main place to store databases, which will allow us to have a lot of information stored and have it at hand in an easy way.
  • Cloud Datastore: is a very scalable NoSQL database that you can use with your web and mobile applications.

Big Data, this service that brings us many different tools focuses more on the analysis of the data. In the previous paragraph we talked about storage and the tools that help us store, after that, the tools and services in these sections, helps us to analyze all the data.

  • Big Query
  • PubSub
  • Dataflow
  • Dataproc
  • Datalab

These are just 5 of the various tools and services that we can find within what refers to Big Data in Google Cloude.


Machine Learning, this service is wonderful, to put it in some way, it is the ability with which we can "teach" something to the computer. In this way the computer can "learn" an impressive amount of things that later we can apply in many ways. 

For example, Vision API is an artificial intelligence application to which we can ask us to analyze photographs, through this tool you can identify topics from facial features to determine ethnicity and race, to moods. With this information, an infinite number of things can then be done.

In this area we can find many more applications and tools such as:

  • Speech API
  • Translation API
  • AI Infrastructure

There are more applications and tools with which we can obtain a diversity of results by knowing how to handle them.

These applications and tools that we have seen are just some of the many that Google Cloud Platform offers us, it is definitely a very extensive console that allows us to do many actions that by knowing how to use them will really simplify our lives.

Do you already use Google Cloud Platform? we would love to hear about your experience.

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