Giving a "gift" is much more than generating a sale, it is a way of saying: you are important to me! I think of you! or I am with you!

The word offering or gift, comes from the Latin offerenda meaning "things to be offered" express the representation in a material form of the worship of a divinity, and are usually given at the time of asking for something or to honor a vow made previously.

Today we call them "gifts" and these have gone from being gifted to deities to becoming a gesture we make for someone who is important to us.

This pandemic is probably the hardest and strangest thing that we have experienced so far, regardless of our generation, these last few months have changed the lives of all humanity.

But humans have a capacity for resilience like no other being, we have the power to be aware of the experiences we live and we have the potential to transform our lives and the world around us.

So today we want to talk about the importance of showing affection and support for each other.

The word social distancing has been used many times in the past few months, but we should be speaking of a physical distancing instead. 

Although each and every one of us must ensure the safety of each other, at this moment more than ever we must change the word "social" for "physical" because as "sociable" beings that we are intrinsically as a species, it is now when we must show more affection and unity among friends, families, colleagues, teams, etc.

Thanks to the technological facilities that currently exist this is extremely easy to show how much we care about each other.

This is a time for both buyers and sellers to understand the importance of union and affection, and despite the bad times we are experiencing this year, let's celebrate love, union and let's show it. A detail no matter how small, when it is given with love can have a huge impact on anyone.

Especially this year we cannot stop celebrating with family and friends, either together or from a distance.

We cannot let circumstances ruin the opportunity to express affection to each other and to take advantage of these to gain great strength, fill us with hope and show each other that we can face everything that comes.

So let's not leave everything to the last, the most precious time is now!

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