Do you know what people want to see more about a business or brand today?

The human part behind them!

It is not news that today people are more interested in the actors and their stories more than in the products or services themselves, we only have to observe the behavior of users on social media to realize where their attention is going.

What people want to see:

First we have to say that with the brutal amount of products and services that exist and are offered every day worldwide, creating something truly unique and novel (although it is not impossible) is quite difficult.

This is why most consumers no longer purchase a product or service by itself, but rather by the story it tells. This is why personal reputation in business is so important.

On the one hand, there is a greater number of people who are concerned about the ways in which they are created and who increasingly advocate those who are friendlier to the planet. But there are also those who "fall in love" with the creators, entrepreneurs and the work teams that generate them, and manage to feel empathy and admiration for them and want to acquire what they sell for the simple fact of who the creators are or who is using them.


How we get noticed:

It is very important to understand which market we are focusing on in order to know how to reach it. It is not the same to want to sell shoes to a group of teenagers who like pop, than to sell a vacuum packaging machine to housewives. and this differentiation and analysis of the market is essential to know how to take our product to the customer we want.

The facilities that social networks give us to tell our story are many and it is in our hands to generate quality content, true and full of qualities that can create connections with our target audience.

What comes first?

This question is almost as complex as if the egg came first than the chicken or vice versa, but if we are honest the best option will always be to generate a strong personal reputation before launching into a business, although this is not always what happens.

The reality is that if you can do the first, it will be something much easier than generating your reputation in parallel with your business. When you have the opportunity to start first with your reputation, it will help so that when you launch your brand or business, you already have a niche of followers who follow you wherever you go and consume what you generate.

However and although a little more complete, specifically for a time issue, generating your reputation in parallel with your business is not impossible.

There are many ways to do it, but always do it right:

Today there are many ways to generate a personal reputation and with the digital world you have many easy things. Likewise, with the ease of finding information on the internet, you have to focus on doing things well, and not only on the surface, but really doing them well, since sooner or later people find out if there are ghosts under the table.

Our recommendation is to be extremely correct and ethical in everything we do, and that means, from how we form our company, how we treat our employees, suppliers and customers to the type of comments and the way to do these on Facebook.

Are you one of those who have already created an effective personal reputation and are now ready to go further? Or do you already have your company and want to generate a strong personal reputation?

We are experts in content creation, marketing, network management and we can help you whatever the situation in which you find yourself.

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