We have reached the final step of this path, Google has really taken the time to create content that through four steps and several tools does not help to improve our brand or company.

The last step is expansion, and without it we will not reach a more massive public, few companies have had a resounding success overnight and have expanded in a crazy way and giant steps, without However, this does not mean that yours cannot achieve the same.

As we refine our strategy for the holidays, we can take our marketing investment further, identifying untapped opportunities, finding new audiences and new markets. 

In this chapter Google presents us with three tools through which we can:

Discover new valuable customer segments through YouTube, then create a campaign to complete our Holiday marketing, and finally recommendations on which national and international markets are most interested in what we sell and thus plan our expansion in an organized and direct way .

Find My Audience:

With this tool we can go beyond demographic data to find where our best audience is.

This tool helps us understand who our most valuable customers are on YouTube, and so we can know how to reach each of them individually through three steps:

  • Get to know our audience. 
  • Download the profile of our audience.
  • Finally connect with them.

Market Finder:

The second tool in this step allows us for free to identify potential markets, discover useful operational information and start selling to customers around the world.

  • He recommends that it is important to first discover regional markets, before thinking about going global. This helps us take our business to new states with local consumer and market data, and then plan for global expansion.

  • We will obtain personalized recommendations that will allow us to explore valuable information through national and global data on consumers.

  • Operationally we will be able to adapt our business to local markets. using culturally relevant communication in that area to better reach the customer of that place and thus continue to grow.

  • Through the appropriate digital advertising, using the appropriate tools, we will discover the advertising strategies that will help to better display our products and services within the USA and around the world.

Rising Retail Categories:

Consumer behavior changes rapidly and unpredictably and even more so with the current issue of the pandemic.

Using this interactive tool we can understand the rapidly growing retail categories, the locations where they are growing, and the inquiries consumers make related to them.

The data will be updated daily to reflect changes in search interests, so we'll always have the information up to date.

We know that this holiday season will be like no other that we have experienced so far, we are going through difficult times where contagion peaks constantly rise and fall and each country, state and city takes different measures overnight that can be complex for our businesses.

That is why it is so important that our company has a digital sales channel, it does not matter if we sell a service or a product, what matters is to continue reaching our customers in an easy, direct and safe way.

All the information that we have been giving you throughout this week will help you a lot to achieve success in these festivities, but this does not end here, knowing these tools and information, keeping up to date with changes and improving our game constantly we can achieve success in any season.

We have broken down all this information because we want you to understand everything in an easy and complete way.

Now it is up to you to implement everything you have learned so you and your business succeed this Holiday Season!!!

Many times so much information mixed with the short time we have left for the holidays can be overwhelming, but don't worry, we are here to help you and get your plan and platform ready!

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