How to manage a bad comment or a bad review on social media platforms?

A bad comment is bad for business they say. Not all the time!

When you do business online any kind of business from being a travel blogger, mommy blogger, crafty entrepreneur to a well known brand with lot of products or services, it’s fact to come into contact with different people.

The beauty of social media platforms is that they’re open to the world and you get exposure.  Exposure comes with a price. Your product, service or content does not have to be loved by everyone.

There is not solution to this matter and as one of my favorite singers says “Hater will hate”, that’s their job! But think about this, a bad comment is a comment after all. What you should do is learn how to manage it. Good things comes after bad ones, remember that.

Let me share some tips that will help you:

  1. Do not panic, this is so important.
  2. Read carefully, because you need to understand an emotion and what it’s trying say. Maybe you could get better as a result of this comment.
  3. Let everyone know that you’re open for any comment and wiling to fix if it is in your hands.
  4. Never delete a bad comment, the best way is to address them in a good way. However, those inappropriate ones might be better to remove them.
  5. Put yourself into their shoes and give an answer that will help to calm down the fire, even if it wasn’t your fault.
  6. Time sensitive, the key here is to monitor constantly, do not delay your response. Don’t let it go until is settle and keep monitoring.
  7. Fighting is never a solution, even if you know you’re right. Keep calm you, got this!
  8. Keep track of bad comments, because you’ll be able to give follow up to them and even know if this is a real problem in your business.

The digital world comes with greatness but also with nightmares. You spend time and effort to reach that greatness, but you have to master those nightmares too.


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