#1 All Hail Google Page Speed

Yes this is what our nightmares are made off…

If you don’t know what this is let me explain it to you, this is the tool that tells you how bad your website looks under google’s eyes (on a technical level), it will tell you straightforward if your website is great or if it is a piece of sh@#$ that google will ignore no matter how good your content is, if you get less than a 30 score, go and get yourself another agency, if you get more less than 50 there’s hope.

Things you can do to improve it:

1- Reduce the image sizes, images on a website need to be as small as possible

2- Delete everything you don’t need from the site, unused pictures, unused plugins, apps etc. 

3- Get yourself better hosting there are some companies like us that offer high performance hosting designed to get more that 90 points 

Visit the Google page speed site here 


#2 GTmetrix

Google Pagespeed is super simple compared to this guy however you can get a lot of more information from it, specific errors, specific image sizes, specific files is just an app designed to fine tune your site.

Visit GTmetrix here


 #3 Moz SEO Check

This guys have a pretty simple tool that will help you understand how is your SEO behaving

Visit Moz SEO here


 Those tools will give you a good idea how good your site is and how much you can improve, fixing those issues will give you a better ranking, more leads and more sales.