5 reasons to migrate or start your eCommerce in BigCommerce

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BigCommerce Overview- How it Works

With a more competitive arena in recent times, millions of budding entrepreneurs across the globe are in a tight race to stand out. Despite the snarls, eCommerce provides enormous relief with its advanced user experience. Customers feel a unique sensation as they shop at your online retail store.

It is liberating to acknowledge that big commerce eCommerce platforms have recently become a powerhouse in marketing. That said, below are five imperative reasons why you should invest in e-commerce migrations.


It’s no secret that setting up an eCommerce website can be a big task. Picking the right platform, finding the best themes and plugins, and figuring it all out can get overwhelmingly fast. Most frustrating, it cuts into your profits, and that defeats the purpose of starting an eCommerce business in the first place.

However, eCommerce site migration should not leave you destitute, especially in the era of BigCommerce. BigCommerce is one of the most affordable eCommerce solutions. The gist of their offering is their cloud-based approach, which cuts down on any custom development costs. Also, their live chat support feature is affordable and reliable whenever you need it.

 Excellent Support

BigCommerce is the perfect platform to view your store data and sales statistics. With a simple user interface, you can easily track successful marketing campaigns. Moreover, the theme marketplace at BigCommerce is also an added advantage.

  Assist in Businesses

There are several reasons why BigCommerce can scale your business and take you to the next level. After all, you’re not necessarily locked into multiple platforms or have to hire loads of prominent commerce experts to make things work.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about technical issues because the platform handles them in most cases. In addition, you can integrate BigCommerce with WordPress or build a new instance on the cloud infrastructure.

Seamless integration

 Your store’s security is more than just a number; and it’s the feeling of knowing that your customers’ information and purchase history is safe. BigCommerce offers you an integrated solution with advanced security features to protect the essential asset in your business: your customers’ data.

It is the ideal choice for your e-commerce security solutions, as it includes an SSL certificate, PCI compliance, and daily backups.

  Reduced Migration and Setup Time

Shopify vs. BigCommerce

It doesn’t matter whether you want to start an eCommerce business, migrate Shopify to bigcommerce, or intend to change your existing platform. Beyond anything else, you need to realize that commercial giants—BigCommerce and Shopify—are currently dominating the eCommerce market.

To resolve this deadlock, here are some compelling comparative points between BigCommerce and Shopify.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is your one-stop-shop for creating and marketing your eCommerce store online. It gives you the tools to set up and sell your products online.Also, it provides all of the functionality you need to manage, promote, and grow your business at a reduced rate.If you already have a product, no worries! BigCommerce makes it easy to sync your existing inventory with their platform, making it one less headache as you get started.


  • Provides better flexibility when switching themes.
  • It has more complex and appealing built-in features.
  • It provides suitable functionalities and marketing tools needed when building businesses.
  • A big commerce e-commerce platform boasts fewer additional costs, thus offering better value for money.
  • Clear-edge in facilitating multi-currency payments.
  • More functionalities result in a minimal need for additional apps.
  • Ensure the security of online payments
change store theme for holiday


  • The themes are limited and a little out of date.
  • Built-in features make it more complicated to use compared to Shopify.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an all-in-one solution for e-commerce companies that allows you to open an online store, sell products, and provide customer service in just about every language.

It’s an excellent option for both beginners and experienced sellers alike.


  • It is easier to operate, particularly for beginners.
  • Superior customer support.
  • They have more features and updated templates.
  • The Oberlo tool gives Shopify an advantage in dropshipping.
  • It provides crucial features for store protection and online payments.
  • It has several customizable features.
  • A more extensive user base translates to vast numbers of apps.


  • Increase your transaction fees.
  • It has approximately 15 staff accounts, even with advanced plans.
  • It does not allow third-party real-shipping costs apart from the advanced plan.

Woocommerce vs. BigCommerce

WooCommerce and BigCommerce are two similar yet competing eCommerce platforms. While both turn content into beautiful eCommerce stores, they aren’t identical twins.There are differences, and it’s up to you to decide which platform suits you the best.


WooCommerce Pros

  • It accepts several payment methods.
  • Limitless customization
  • Access to effective WordPress SEO tools
  • It is free to download, making it easy for novice business owners to kickstart their businesses.
  • It’s easy to add infinite product lists.

WooCommerce Cons

  • Tricky wish list functionality.
  • It does not offer complex customer support, making users dependent on their know-how and WooCommerce developers.
  • Users must spend more on advanced technical knowledge, such as coding.
  • It would help if you handed over website updates. It can be hectic and tiresome when working with several WordPress websites.
  • Launching multi-currency sites is nearly impossible.
girl using custom payments

Uses of WordPress for BigCommerce

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms available, and it offers thousands of bloggers a chance to express their standpoints and share their experiences online.

One of the most significant drawbacks of WordPress is its inability to handle eCommerce business requirements.

BigCommerce comes to the rescue by helping brands sell products through the WordPress website. The best way to integrate BigCommerce with WordPress is through the free plugin.

Like other plugins, you can install the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin on your site. You can opt to start a new BigCommerce account or use an old one in some cases.

When creating a new account, your BigCommerce store becomes ready, complete with demo products, soon after setting the credentials.

The Advantages of Integrating BigCommerce and WordPress

There are a couple of benefits associated with assimilating BigCommerce with WordPress. Some of them include:

Improve Site Performance

Integration with any eCommerce platform gives you control over the inventory, content, features, and structure of your website without maintaining two sets of software.

You can also save time by using a convenient order management feature to review and approve orders during the shipment preparation process.

BigCommerce gives you the tools and functionalities that help boost your business in the long run.

An incomparable customer experience

BigCommerce offers a WordPress plugin that integrates flawlessly with your WordPress site. You can even import products on the go without touching code by using the API integration.

Integrating your WordPress with BigCommerce gives you access to millions of products and ad inventory. Other than that, you can enjoy a global user base to tap into international shipping options.

PCI Compliance and Strict Security

Today, e-commerce merchants face several challenges. The biggest threat is the ever-increasing phishing scams and security threats in the face of PCI compliance.

BigCommerce can help you achieve PCI compliance by seamlessly integrating your existing WordPress site with a proprietary platform.

  Superior Security Functions

With BigCommerce, you can easily integrate your site and WordPress blog with their platform. Also, it makes it easy for users to add new products, edit information, manage to price, and more.

Why Partner with Seeed?

  • Business owners are increasingly embracing eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce as a low-cost alternative to Amazon and Magento to gain more control over online investments.
  • Undeniably, it can be confusing to sort through countless features and fees attached to eCommerce platforms.
  • You can make the process less complicated by collaborating with BigCommerce agency partners such as Seeed.com.
  • The positive aspect of this strategy is that it allows swift e-commerce platform migration. Moreover, it promotes fast integration and the creation of much-needed projects, investing in money and time.

Wrapping up

Migrating to BigCommerce takes away your worries about software vulnerabilities, performance, and security issues. Furthermore, it protects companies from data loss and downtime caused by software bugs. Unknown to most people, operating an eCommerce on a BigCommerce offers a real-time inventory and order management system. If you aspire to increase your store conversion rates fast, look no further. Merge with bigcommerce experts like Seeed.com and get value for money.

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