4 Business’ Challenges to overcome on your Cloud Transformation journey

Written by Laura Rojas


The global health crisis has proven the importance for businesses to adapt their clients’ digital needs in the fastest and efficient way possible. That’s why if you want to flourish or flounder in today’s climate, you must be prepared to adopt Cloud Transformation.

Whatever business model you follow in your enterprise, there’s no doubt that SaaS Digital Transformation gives you a proactive strategy to stay relevant and agile in today’s digital business world. As you move your organization towards a Cloud Transformation, we want to help you identify and overcome those challenges when starting that journey.


  • How organizations are reimagining their futures in extraordinary circumstances.
  • Digital Transformation for encountering your main competitors.
  • The top pain-points of Cloud Adoption.
  • Making Digital Transformation and adoption work for you.

1. How organizations are reimagining their futures in extraordinary circumstances

Nobody could have predicted how this new decade has begun – and it’s only served to emphasize the critical importance of a successful Cloud Migration Strategy.

Businesses from SMEs to huge multinationals are evaluating the future of how, where and when their employees work – and that includes App Migration and SaaS Digital Transformation to empower that.

Corporations today need to enjoy lower operational costs, yet see efficiency, security and ease of engagement with their software suites flourish. These are the advantages unlocked by the effective implementation of Cloud Digital Transformation.

Positive trends on Digital Transformation inform strategies for change that can seamlessly translate your business from the physical to the digital, minimizing downtime and disruption throughout.

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Business trends to watch out in 2022

The disruptions caused by Covid-19 have taken businesses worldwide to task. Yet as an Accenture survey of over 4,000 businesses demonstrates, cost efficiency gains of 10% are often just the start of Cloud Transformation advantages in business.

However, it’d be naive to enter this journey without foreknowledge of its challenges. From organizational reluctance to cybersecurity concerns, it’s understandable to find App Migration daunting. Having the expert support of a good US software development agency can help to smooth the journey.

The trends on Digital Transformation in business in 2022 touch on all aspects of technology and teamwork, from the employee experience to the resilience of your organization to our world’s ever-changing nature.

With more agility in organizational structures proving a key element of what makes companies successful in 2022, Cloud Migration is becoming a crucial way of aligning goals, setting expectations and letting your teams do their best work.

2. Digital Transformation to stand out from your main competitors

If you’re still on the fence about App Migration in your enterprise, consider this – many of your competitors have likely already put their SaaS Digital Transformation strategies for Cloud Migration into action.

In many ways, that means it’s not a matter of if you’ll encounter challenges on Cloud Transformation, but when. Because enterprises enjoy more efficient, cost-effective and collaborative workflows, the pace of innovation and accomplishment accelerates. What company could possibly afford to risk being left behind?

An agile business can win contracts, fulfill projects and deliver on KPIs faster and more confidently than its competitors. Not only this, but you stand to create the future for your company using SaaS Digital Transformation, raising computer literacy and transferable skills in your workforce.

This also can proactively prepare your business for unforeseen challenges, adapting to them and overcoming hurdles easier with the advantages of Cloud Transformation.

Nonetheless, organizations should keep in mind that a transition phase is perfectly natural when engaging in the trends of Digital Transformation. However, understanding the challenges of Cloud Transformation in advance can give you an extra edge in embracing corporate change.

3. Top pain-points of Cloud Adoption

By factoring in these challenges on Cloud Transformation into your App Migration strategy, you can anticipate and potentially avoid many of the biggest Cloud Migration pain-points in enterprise.

Here are some key examples of the strategies best kept in mind for effective Cloud Digital Migration.

– Complexity of business and operational change

For both new businesses and well-established enterprises, resistance to change can often be high. Perfecting your company’s processes and procedures takes time, and once your workforce has adapted to a certain modus operandi, it can be difficult to shift gears and change course to embrace Cloud Transformation.Likewise, it’s likely that you have a wealth of files, folders and other digital assets in need of Cloud Migration. The scale of this task could feel overwhelming – which is why an effective US software development agency makes an invaluable partner in this process.

On the more human side of Cloud Migration, ensuring communication is open and informative with your workforce can help to minimize the risk of staff resistance to changes within your business ecosystem.

While it’s true that some employees are more technologically apt than others – and that’s only natural – you can make proactive strides in ensuring that your company’s Cloud Digital Transformation is seen as an opportunity rather than an obstacle to your employees.

– Security and compliance risks

As anyone on your IT team will tell you, carelessness with computers can cost a company dearly. With 2021 having seen some truly egregious data breaches and cybersecurity blunders, you could feel so paralyzed with worry about secure Cloud Migration that you decide it’s safest to take no action at all.

However, Cloud Digital Transformation often serves to enhance an organization’s cybersecurity and capacity for data compliance. Because cloud digital transformation entrusts cybersecurity to external expertise, your own operations become streamlined – you don’t need to keep pace with the latest cybersecurity risks, and instead focus your attention on the true core goals of growing your business.

– Legacy infrastructure and/or application sprawl

Of the many challenges of Cloud Transformation, the issues of application sprawl, and failing to foresee the complexities inadvertently created by your legacy infrastructure, can catch even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs unawares.

The advantage of entrusting the Cloud Migration process to a US software development agency is that you get ‘fresh eyes’ on any potential problems before they emerge.

When we use our own in-house systems for long enough, they become second nature, and we – through no fault of our own – become blind to their flaws or inefficiencies. The renewed perspective that a software partner can provide can help you streamline your Cloud Migration journey superbly.

– Data sovereignty concerns / regulations

With data breaches on the rise and Big Tech often found to be in violation of international laws as a result of negligence, you’re right to take data sovereignty seriously. It can be incredibly complex for even the most advanced executives to understand, and one mistake is all it takes to see your organization’s reputation raked over the coals in the press. Getting data sovereignty right in effective Cloud Digital Transformation is often a challenging undertaking. However, trusting the right expertise makes this level of digital compliance that much more streamlined. An experienced and trustworthy Cloud Migration solutions provider is well-versed in the nuances of effective data sovereignty compliance, no matter where in the world your business is located. Ultimately, it’s the leaders of organizations who often publicly pay the price for failing to comply with correct data sovereignty best practices – even if these mistakes emerge through simple human error or misunderstanding of their company’s duties. Sidestepping this risk is a smart move, whatever the size of your organization.

– Misalignment between IT and business

Any business leader who has ever witnessed a conversation between their corporate team and their IT specialists knows that it can often seem as though the two cadres of professionals are speaking completely different languages.Similarly, even the most straightforward app migration process can prove problematic if care isn’t taken to avoid complex jargon from either side, muddying communications and slowing progress.

Likewise, your members of staff need to be sure their IT professional allies are relaying the right details on new passwords, Cloud Migration use cases and overall SaaS Digital Transformation best practices.

A fantastic new cloud computing framework that nobody on your team knows how to use properly is a worst-case scenario you’re wise to avoid. Again, proactive, approachable and open communication is key here.

4. Making Digital Transformation and adoption work for you

It’s easy to feel as though the pressure is on – it’s clear that there are proven advantages to proactivity in Cloud Migration for your business, yet the process of Cloud Digital Transformation itself is not always as easy as it might first appear.

It’s here that choosing the right partner in a US software development agency can ease the process and let you give your full attention to other crucial areas of business growth.

With experience, expertise and efficiency at its heart, At Seeed we are standing ready to embrace the journey of Cloud Migration at your side. From SMEs to scale-up enterprises, you have the opportunity to step forward with confidence, outpacing your competitors while heightening the security and capabilities of your staff and software alike.


Final recommendations

This decade has already proven that old-world thinking simply doesn’t apply any more. The risk of being left behind has never felt greater, nor the consequences of letting that happen more grave. That’s why getting the right partnership to perform a successful Cloud Transformation is the first step you need to make so you can evolve, enhance and embellish your business to grow and advance in the new normal of the 2020s – and beyond.

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