When a webpage is super nice, features awesome products that anyone may buy and also show great photos of their products; The first thing that cross your mind would be “they must be making lot of money online”, right?. But could not be true in some cases.

A website could look awesome and it might seems to be working great, but you have to look deeper. Find out if it really works that well.

It’s not only about a good looking site, it takes more than that to build a great working online store.

So, if you feel like this is your case , don’t feel guilty. Take action and put it to the test.

Here are some ways to know how and what to change, in order to make your online store work better!

3 Tools to improve your webpage.

Change your strategy but with knowledge.

  1. Google Page Speed: Measures the performance, quality of the code and the loading speed of your website. This is something critical because without a good performance your website won’t show up to any audience. It will be like it’s invisible. If you want to sell you must be there.
  2. Google Mobile Friendliness Test: It will test the performance of your site on mobile devices. Mobile environment is changing the game, people are searching and buying from their phones everywhere. As a part of the search engine algorithm, it’s a fact that if your site is not mobile friendly you’ll rank in the first pages of a search.
  3. Google Analytics: This tool will give you information about your audience behavior and track their interaction with your site. With this information you can adapt your strategy to get stronger results.

These tools will give you a great amount of information that you could use to optimize your site and work at the pace of the changing algorithms. You’ll have better chance of getting more profits if your site works better than it looks.


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